FLASH EDITS are a writer’s biggest asset for taking away the fear & bringing in the confidence.


“If  only I had the time & money for 3 rounds of edits.”


“I’ve used grammar apps and received great feedback from beta readers, but I still fear my book isn’t ready for publishing.”


 “I know there is value in editors.”


What are Flash Edits?

Flash Edits allow authors to find help without the full commitment and matching price tag.

It’s a service that allows a writer to have the financial freedom to pick and choose where money is best spent for professional help.

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Flash Edits are
video recorded on my YT channel so you can reference the how and why at any time. Plus, I give you a formula with all the dos and don’ts to
guide you in all your future stories.

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There are 3 categories for the crucial areas every writer should get professional help with -if you are going to spend money for an editor or writing coach, it’s here:



1st Chapter Edits are the most valuable thing an editor can offer.

You gain solutions to the all-important 1st sentence & 1st page hook.

You have every solution of character development, world-building, dialogue, show VS tell, exposition, pacing & literary devices to help your writing in every chapter thereafter.

BOOM! There is no greater edit to take you through your novel.



All the three have vastly different formulas for the success of your novel.

  • QUERY LETTER – If you are querying -this flash edit will grab the agent’s attention.
  • BLURB – And if you are self-publishing –you need a standout blurb to separate your book from the millions on the bookshelves.
  • SYNOPSIS – The synopsis is important for every stage. It’s the backbone to help beta readers, editors, & all of your upcoming marketing plans.

These edits will show you exactly what you need in any publication direction you choose. (Self-pub or agent)



  • 1 power hour breakthrough session.
  • 3 sessions: At your own pace & discounted to help you in any part of your novel’s journey.
  • 6 week accountability. Let’s get this story going w/elevated & captivating writing skills.

Whether it’s getting started with an idea, developing a plotting system, or executing complex characters and world-building tactics so you create characters the reader cares for and a setting that doesn’t turn into the infamous info-dump, sometimes we just need solutions given to us.

I’m here to support and mentor you through
this exciting and often overwhelming journey.

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To help your writing in all the chapters:


1. Developmental Edits – “The big-picture” feedback will be in letter form. This process will include in-depth feedback to where your strengths are and exactly how you can elevate these crucial elements:

  • The hook
  • Characterization
  • Setting/Worldbuilding
  • Theme
  • Pacing
  • POV/Narrative Voice & Distance
  • The ender — get the reader to flip straight to Chapter 2.

2. Line Edits – will be in track changes to help you polish, trim, and tighten each sentence and paragraph. This is where I dig in and get straight to the solutions for elevating the writing.

  • Clarifying plot points
  • Dialogue strengthening
  • Exposition and transitions
  • Show vs. Tell
  • Literary devices to take your wording from beginner to elevated prose
  • Inconsistencies & redundancies
  • Formatting

These elements are the backbone to carry your story through. 

All this feedback will be emailed to you with Word attachments. I’ll also send you the YT link to the video recording with all the in-depth details of the edits. Plus, I’ll send recommendations and resources to guide you through the novel-writing process.



Blurb • Synopsis • Query Letter

Do you know the difference between a logline, elevator pitch, synopsis, blurb, & query letter?

Why are all these important? –Well, they all serve a purpose that can be the hook or the deal breaker for your story. Nailing these elements are imperative for your next publishing steps. If you are going to spend money for editing or publishing help, it’s here.

You get a 2 for 1!
Send me the blurb, query letter, or synopsis, and I’ll edit it and give you step by step solutions for a stronger hook.
Then, you’ll receive the formula and additional resources and links.

You get more value this way to carry you through your entire writing career because you will have the formula and the skill.

The edits will come back to you in the form of track changes so you can see all my edits and comments. I’ll also send you the YT link to the video recording with all the in-depth details of the edits.

Plus, I’ll send recommendations and resources to guide you through the entire novel-writing process.

$147 Blurb
$97 Synopsis
$197 Query letter


All 3 bundle: $327


One on One

This is a writing mentorship to help you in any step of the writing process, start to finish and everything in between.
Time management, organizing, and getting things done is a big part of the overall support. Now is the time to get your story out there!

  • 1 POWER HOUR breakthrough session– $147
  • 3 SESSIONS: at your own pace &  discounted to help you in any part of your novel’s journey– $337 (Discounted $104)
  • 6 WEEK ACCOUNTABILITY. Plus, a free 1st chapter edit!! Let’s get this story going w/elevated & captivating writing skills.– $697 (Discounted $185 + a free 1st Chapter edit, normally costs $297 = Saving $482)

We connect over zoom to get you “unstuck” in any area of your story. Whether you want to call it a writing coach or writing mentor, it’s my greatest passion to help other women writers.
This is what I do all day, every day, and I can’t wait to connect with you about your story.

$147 One Session
$337 Three Sessions
$697 Six weeks Training

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I know how it feels to be where you are.
The uncertainty. The ideas but unsure of how to start or structure it properly. The hours of rabbit holes.
I’m also a writer who has felt all the pains of the process and even the feedback. 

I bring a level of understanding and support into my Flash Editing process.

There is value in a recorded video edit.
You can refer to it at any time.
It coaches you through each step to see why I made the changes.
Here’s an opportunity to plug your pen name and title to get readers interested.

Be reassured:
Your work will be handled with sensitivity
You can opt to be anonymous
I’m committed to helping you take your book to the next level

What my clients say

I would recommend Flash Edits by Amanda. She communicates the issues and improvement in a kind yet precise manner. This makes it easy to understand and use the critique to improve my writing in the future. The video she makes shows the entire process in real-time, making it easy to follow. It’s like I’m sitting next to her as she explains her edits. This makes it more comfortable as I do not feel belittled or awkward hearing the feedback!

A.F. Widener

Amanda is one of the most diligent, professional, and knowledgeable editors I know. But more than that she is kind, which is so important for writers sharing their work. What I admire most about Amanda is the way in which aims to guide and teach writers – explaining why she makes the changes she does, so that they can learn and improve through working with her. I highly recommend Amanda to all the authors I work with!

Belinda K Griffin
book marketing coach, SmartAuthorsLab

Amanda was fantastic and great with open communication and so encouraging. As a new writer, it's exactly what I needed and she helped me so much with that, even with knowing very little about me. She was timely and efficient with her communicating and straightforward with her advice. I truly appreciate it!

J.J. Monique

I was absolutely blown away by the developmental and line edits from Amanda. Even though I had 3 beta readers help me with my manuscript, Amanda opened my eyes to another level of writing skills. I know where I’m going for all my books and short stories.

T. Goodwin

Best thing I ever did. I saw that Amanda started doing “Flash Edits” to help where it’s the most important and help writers on a tight budget. So clever!! The first chapter edits saved my entire novel. I could go back and fix all the coaching details and literary devices (or lack thereof) in my revision process. Saved money and learned the art of beautiful prose opposed to just telling a story.

B. M. McKinnley

Amanda is a master of first chapters. It was really all I could afford, but it was priceless in the amount of help it carried through all my chapters. What a blessing and genius idea. As she says, “It’s all about the beginnings.”

J. Bella

This was by far the best feedback I have ever gotten! I have written 3 books and came across Amanda in my MFA program. Out of the endless readers I’ve had for my manuscripts, it wasn’t until Amanda literally coached me as she edited. I feel like I now know how to master a beginning and pull the reader in close. I thought I knew about narrative distance, but her examples and guidance made my story much more gripping and emotional.

M. Williams

I won one of Amanda’s giveaways for query letters! AMAZING. It’s all I can say. I felt like she cared more than most of my own family members. She really got that my story was like a baby to me. Thank you for all the patience, questions, and coaching. Fingers crossed I get an agent!

S. K. Michaels

Work with me!

My world is reading, writing, and editing. I love what I do and passionate about a story becoming the best version of itself.
As a reader and writer, I am longing for a story to transport me. Connecting to characters so intense, I’ll cry for their hardships and root for their causes.
As an editor, I am determined to support the writer to help make those connections.


  • Business degree & English degree with a concentration in creative writing, minoring in History.
  • Currently pursuing a double master in Creative Writing and Ancient History.
  • Member of the Editorial Freelance Association (EFA).
  • Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).
  • Member of the Authors Guild.
  • Editing certifications through the EFA, SCC college editing courses, and Editcetera.

I hate communication problems, so that will never be an issue with me. If you have a question, concern, or fantastic idea- Let’s talk about it, fix it, add it.
I am very professional, but I also want to help you make your story come to life and kick ass! Let’s do this!