Terms & Conditions

Amanda gives thoughtful and robust feedback. There will be positive and constructive comments. She knows it can be a scary step to have people look at your writing, so know that she will honor and support your cherished time and work you have spent on your story. She is simply here to help, support, and give you the push to your next steps as an author. And don’t forget, the whole point of all this is to have eyes on your story! It’s going to happen sooner or later. Just know, you’re in good hands.

One-on-one chats include solutions, resources, and support.
Discounts are offered to one-on-one clients for 1st Chapter, Blurb, or Query Letters.

The editing scope of work is for developmental and line editing only. Copyediting, proofreading, and layout design is not included. What is included is the vast scope of editing elements listed on the A.R. Garrett website. 

Formatting will follow the Industry Standard Formatting, which is found on the A.R. Garrett website and is the industry standard for fiction manuscripts.

You agree to submit the work with spellcheck or other grammar software.

You agree to submit the work as a Word Document.

Submit at least a synopsis and/or a blurb in the intake form.

The next steps after the request form:

If the scope of work is a good fit for the editor in the turnaround time needed, a follow up email with an invoice will be the next step. If this is a giveaway, still agree to these terms but an invoice will not be attached in the follow up email. The three delivery options are applied only to Paid clients and not to giveaways. 

After submission and delivery dates are scheduled into the editor’s books, a non-refundable booking fee will be collected (1/2 of the cost) that will go to the invoice, and the rest paid before the chat. 

A.R. Garrett is a U.S. based LLC, and edits will be made in American English. Since this is not a copyright or proofread, no grammatical changes will be made; just be aware that American English is the editor’s chosen format.

For additional edits, mentoring, or to review changes/new versions the author has made after the initial scope and original version, there are additional options, and we’d love the opportunity to continue to work with you.

Additional research and fact-checking for the story are not included in this scope of work. It is up to the editor if she does further research for common anachronisms or plagiarism.

Payments are due upfront once invoiced. Work will not start until this step is done.



A.R. Garrett retains the right to include the image of your cover and/or the completed product, in whole or in part, as part of our portfolio, to be showcased on our website, or used for A.R. Garrett or FLASH EDITS promotional purposes. Your story will always remain your story. This is only for promotions of editing services. 


Argarrett.com & FLASH EDITS are under the same ownership; FLASH EDITS are freelance editing services that A.R. Garrett provides. FLASH EDITS are also video tutorials to help your writing peers while also giving notoriety to your pen name and title.

If this service is paid you have the option to opt-out of the YouTube video. If this is part of a giveaway, the writer agrees to allow their work to be filmed and used for marketing across various social media formats. You have the option to get your name and work seen, or if you would like to remain an anonymous author, just let us know in the follow-up email.

A.R. Garrett makes no promises–implicit or implied–beyond what is spelled out in this website, which serves as our contract.

Now that all the boring but necessary stuff is out of the way, let’s do this!!